Kathy’s Corner: Digitizing that collection of inherited family photos

Emily Sienkiewicz

This popular monthly session focuses on a challenge for every family historian: Sorting and digitizing collections of inherited family photos and artifacts. Our speaker, Projectkin member Kathy Stone has decades of experience as a professional photo organizer and is now working on her family history projects. As a pro, she appreciates the challenge of actually getting projects done. In these “Corner” events, she answers questions and coaches members as your personal “sherpa over Mt. Inertia.” Our programs build on the 8-step approach she shared in a post and the 2023 Kathy’s Corner series. (Projectkin members have access to event recordings through the Members’ Chat Room in the Projectkin Forum.) Now the focus will be on …

Informal Archives: Capturing Family Memories

Emily Sienkiewicz

This workshop aims at collectively exploring different shapes and forms of informal family archives and oral histories’ role in keeping family memories alive. Informal family archives could include (but are not limited to): letters, photographs, clothes, audio recordings, videos, etc. Participants are encouraged to bring along and share one item from a family collection and share memories and stories associated with it. We will be discussing: tangible and intangible memories, what is an archive? And what we practically need to create one. For details see www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/informal-archives-capturing-family-memories-tickets-723721609817

A brown box labeled photos with old photos spilling out of it sits in front of a black background. The box is on top of a lace doily.

Resources for Organizing and Digitizing Your Materials

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Getting started with organizing and digitizing your materials can be a challenge. Do you feel overwhelmed by pulling all your materials together and organizing them? Do you have lots of photos in scrapbooks, documents in folders, home videos on VHS tapes, or other media that you don’t even have a player for? What equipment do you need to digitize your materials? What settings are best for different media types? We’ve compiled some resources for organizing and digitizing your own materials to help you get started. It’s hard to find comprehensive resources for organizing and digitizing your materials at home. We’ve done the research for you so you can focus on the important work of organizing …